What is Google Calico?

Calico is a Google backed company founded towards the end of 2013, to tackle, aging, age-related diseases, cancer and neurodegeneration. In collaboration with AbbVie Biopharmaceutical Company, they are to invest up to $1.5 billion to build a research and development center. Using the discovery and development capabilities of Calico, and AbbVie’s research, development and commercial expertise in the advancement of innovation and new therapies.

levinsonLed by Arthur D. Levinson, the two companies will collaborate to establish the top notch research and development facility to be located in San Francisco Bay Area. The main aim is to discover, develop and come up with new therapies to help patients with age-related diseases.

Researchers from both companies will work together to develop early-stage drugs and release them to the market, as this is Calico’s vision, to improve human health and length. Calico’s researchers will be mainly involved in the early drug discovery and development, while AbbVie based on their experience in the market will focus on late-stage drug development and marketing.

According to AbbVie, they are committed to explore new areas of medicine and innovative approaches to drug discovery and development that enhance their robust pipeline. This is in light of the enormous potential to use new therapies to improve patients’ lives.

The relationship was dubbed as a “pivotal event” for Calico as it is their mission to develop life-enhancing therapies for aging said Jason Hope. It will also accelerate their efforts to understand the science of aging and advance their clinical work with the goal of important therapies for all patients.

The agreement indicated that both companies, initially contribute $250 million for funding the collaboration and later each to contribute additional $500 million. Both companies will share all costs and profits equally.

Initially Calico’s intentions were not clear but recently some light was shed onto exactly what factors of aging were targeted. They is some good news for concussion patients after reports of a drug that blocks axon damage and guards the brain cell. It further indicated relation to healing of stroke. The scientists said the orally delivered drug works 24 to 36 hours after injury.

This is good news for all people with aging and age-related diseases including cancer and neurodegeneration as Calico hires the best scientists and researchers in the world. This is also driven by their mission to harness advanced technology in the understanding of the biology that controls human health and lifespan. All these will be used to come up with solutions that will enable people live healthier and longer.

The success of this company is a global benefit, based on AbbVie’s expertise, dedicated team and their unique approach to innovation in developing and marketing advanced therapies. These therapies are used in the treatment of some of the world’s most serious and complex diseases, by their large number of experienced employees worldwide in their markets in over 170 countries.

Everyone has their eyes on Calico to see if they will be able to deliver on their promise, especially the aging patients and other companies that produce related products. Time will tell if it lives up to its expectation.

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